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The Golf Foundation | CSR Video

Encraft India | Corporate Video

Harvard Business Publishing | Interviews

Pearl Global | Corporate Video

Ace Hardware | Corporate Video

Client - Ace Hardware

Filming Location - Ghaziabad, India

Ace Hardware India, based in Ghaziabad, is a leading manufacturer of high-quality door handles, providing a diverse range of designs and finishes to suit various architectural styles. With a commitment to craftsmanship and durability, Ace Hardware India delivers reliable door handle solutions for residential and commercial applications.

Client - Encraft India Pvt. Ltd.

Filming Location - Okhla Industrial Estate, New Delhi

Encraft is a reputable Indian company that offers high-quality uPVC windows and doors, catering to the construction industry's needs by providing durable, energy-efficient, and aesthetically pleasing solutions. With a commitment to sustainability and customer satisfaction, Encraft is a trusted choice for architects, builders, and homeowners alike.

Client - Pearl Global Industries Limited

Filming Location - Gurugram, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Vietnam, Indonesia, Bangladesh


Pearl Global Industries Limited is a prominent global textile manufacturer, specialising in the production of high-quality garments and fabrics for renowned fashion brands. With a strong emphasis on innovation, sustainability, and ethical practices, Pearl Global Industries is a trusted partner in the fashion industry.

Client - BluePi 

Filming Location - Gurugram, India



BluePi India is a leading technology consulting and implementation company, specialising in cloud computing, data engineering, and artificial intelligence solutions. With a team of experienced professionals, BluePi India helps businesses leverage cutting-edge technologies to drive innovation, optimise operations, and achieve digital transformation goals.

Client - The Golf Foundation 

Filming Location - Delhi Golf Club, New Delhi & ITC Grand Bharat, Gurugram, India


Golf Foundation India is a non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting the sport of golf in India and fostering talent development at the grassroots level. With a focus on accessibility, education, and community engagement, Golf Foundation India aims to nurture a vibrant golfing culture and produce future champions in the sport.

Client - Harvard Business Publishing

Filming Location - Facebook Office, Gurugram, India


Harvard Business Publishing is a renowned educational publishing company that offers a wide array of business-focused content, including books, case studies, articles, and online learning programs, catering to the needs of professionals and students seeking to enhance their knowledge and skills. With a rich heritage and a commitment to excellence, Harvard Business Publishing is a trusted resource for individuals and organizations in the business world.

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